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Sound Rally for the Future

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June 21, 2010, Noon: United States Eastern Standard Time

Sound Rally for the Future Manifesto

© Michael Holman, 2008

Sound Rally For the Future® is a global, Mass Act of Humanity, making sound/noise for exactly one minute, at noon, Eastern Standard Time (U.S.), and simultaneously across all global time zones, with the purpose of creating Mass Consciousness. A Global Awakening of a long dormant Entity I call the “Unisapien.”®

Sound Rally For The Future® is simply the ringing and rattling of an ancient alarm clock, or, conscious human intention, to arouse our collective greatness from slumber. This is an act, not of alarm or irritation, but of self-discovery and realization. With pots and pans, music, prayer, shouts, quiet rustling or the dripping of water, by whatever means you choose - individually or collectively - we will raise a cosmic cacophony that will awaken and congeal our collective Soul.

Sound Rally For The Future® will happen for the

first time, on the Summer Solstice of the year 2010, on the day June 21st, at noon EST, and simultaneously wherever you are on the planet, for the duration of one minute (Summer Solstice is traditionally a day of renewal; the day the sun shines longest in the sky, and a day to recognize the divinity in yourself as well as everyone else on Earth). 

Be prepared for instantaneous evolution! 

Michael Holman is an artist, musician, filmmaker and performer who thinks globally, but lives in New York City.

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Music: "Figure It Out for Yourself" by Gray.

"It's as Simple as the Next Big Bang!"

June 21, 2010 

Noon: US Eastern Standard Time

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