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Sound Rally for the Future

Get Involved!

Get Involved
Your Sound

It's As Simple As The Next Big Bang... 

What kind of noise are you going to make?
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Michael Holman's Email

From The Art Newspaper, Armory edition:

Holman brings in da noise

Who should be spotted lingering outside the Armory piers in anticipation of the grand opening but underground hip-hop legend Michael Holman, looking suitably Old Skool complete with boombox.

“I’m out here to promote my new project called Sound Rally For the Future® which is a global, mass act of humanity, making sound or noise for exactly one minute at noon, simultaneously across all global time zones, with the purpose of creating mass consciousness.” This ambitious conceptual scheme will actually take place for the first time next year, on 21 June, Summer Solstice of the year 2010, but Holman wants to be sure the whole art world will be ready to make as much racket as possible at the appointed hour. “Sound Rally For The Future® is simply the ringing and rattling of an ancient alarm clock, with pots and pans, music, prayer, shouts, by whatever means you choose. We will raise a cosmic cacophony.” And Holman sure knows what’s hip, he’s da man who took Malcolm McLaren up to the Bronx to discover breakdancing back in the dayz, so give the man a shout-out when you see him. 

Or as he puts it “Be prepared for instantaneous evolution!”

"Sound Rally" article in the Armory edition of The Art Newspaper (see page 2)


© Linda Covello Photo 2009

Armory Show, New York, March 2009. "I'm outside the Armory Show, handing out SR Manifesto flyers, making noise/music with Gray tracks, pier 92, 3/3/09, pix about to be published in The Art Newspaper..."

To the left, read the text of The Art Newspaper article, which you can also see by clicking the link above Michael's photo. Go to page two.

"It's as Simple as the Next Big Bang!"

June 21, 2010 

Noon: US Eastern Standard Time

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